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2Pistols Interview

With his hot new single “She Got It” featuring T-Pain circulating the Southeast radio airwaves, 2 Pistols is sure to come at you with a bang. He talked with Latoya Cash about his past,present,and future.



How did you come up with the name 2 Pistols?

The name 2 Pistols came from the streets, instead of people calling me by my zodiac Gemini, which is the twin sign or something I was named 2 pistols. I might have the name changed though.


How long have you been involved in the music industry?

I would say since my freshman year in High School. I was going to do Football but I’m like 5’4” and things just didn’t work out. I ended up dropping out of high school my sophomore year and my brother kind of put me on.


I read in a previous interview that you were originally with Bulldawg Entertainment that ended up being shut down and investigated. Who are you signed with now?

I have my own independent label. BMU. And I got a production deal with the Justice League. They’ve produced a lot of artists like Mary J, Rick Ross and Chris Brown. They produced the “She Got it” track featuring T-Pain.


How did you come about the T-pain collaboration on you new single “She Got It”?

I saw him at a Wild Splash radio event for 98.7 out here in Florida. I was actually working on some promotions at the time and wasn’t even talking to him from an artist standpoint. We talked and eventually ended up doing the song together. It’s a hot song, but my take is the collaboration with T-pain can help me or hurt me because T-pain has so many songs circulating the airwaves a lot of people are not trying to give me my credit because he is on the track. People feel like its another T-Pain single, but this is a 2 Pistols single.


What do you expect your next single to be?

A track called “You know Me” with Rick Ross and J-Holiday or “Blinded By the Light”.


Who do you speak for through your music, who do you represent?

I represent for everbody, the less fortunate. I haven’t had an easy life but I want people to know you can get what ever you work hard for.


So what’s next? When’s the album droppin?     

I don’t have an official release date. I haven’t come up with a title yet. Right now I have a couple of mix takes out.


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