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I know a lot of you people are missing your girl Khia! Well, here is the deal. I heard that Khia hasnt been able to fully fill your lives with Joy because her computer got messed up or something! Never fear, I heard the Geek Squad or Pookie is going to fix it and she ll be back to piss you off in no time.

Here is the latest with Lady Drama, my trusty sidekick in rumor land. The views in this section are hers and only hers. Shes out if control, you know what Im saying! Get at em, LD!

Plies has a Bust it Baby Clothing Line Coming Soon - When Does it Stop?

For all of you who were blown away when Plies released a sneak peek of his but it baby relaity show, you'll be extra hype to know that the rapper now has a clothing line coming out. It will feature an array of shrt shorts and lots of Spandex. No set date on the release or where you can purchase this ish but I'm sure every 'bust it baby' in America will be stocking up on it! This is too funny......

Brandy Hits an All Time Low......

According to sources singer Brandy may be signing on as a cast member on the soap show 'All My Children. Brandy is supposedly joining the cast for next years season and will be a cast member upon the release of her upcoming fifth album. I know, I know, you all are saying Brandy isn't Hip-Hop news but hey if we can post pics of hot chicks in g-strings and discuss Rihanna and Chris Brown love affairs then why not! [Illseed note: Brandy is Hip-Hop and her brother is a Hip-Hop superstar.]

Beyonce Tickets from TicketsNow

Lady Drama's Food For Thought:

Star Jones is dating someone 17 years younger than her. and the problem would be? If Quincy Jones can do it why cant she?

Papoose has a new song 'Love' out in the streets? Wonder if Remy was his inspiration. If so that's sweet as all hell if not I wonder who he's talking to.

With all Kim K has even if she gets her but altered she'll still be packing a truckload so fall back fellas! I'm more concerned about why she wants to do it before she shoots a calendar for Reggie! Hmmm... does he not like all that?

I'm out: remember the more you say the less they listen folks!


I have been under a political rock lately and I’m fully grasping the gravity of the cyclone that struck Myanmar! This act of nature might result in the unfortunate death of 100,000 people. I heard the stench of death is totally in the air and atmosphere. Cyclone Nargis struck the Southeast Asian country with winds of up to 120 mph, floods and high tidal waves that devastated the people. People are hurting over there and tens of thousands are missing in action, forced to wait for humanitarian aid. Sadly, this could have been partially avoided if the government had the proper radar to detect the storm before it hit. Another reason that they weren’t totally prepped was that cyclones on hit about once every 40 or so years.

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